We have teams of professionally trained staffs with years of experience in villa industry, and we apply the highest standard of operation to every step of villa booking, from reservation to departure, offering seamless level of service.

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We have an efficient online calendar system to organize the booking process of your villa. Every booking will be synchronized in a system to avoid double booking and it allows instant booking as well. Not only those, we also have a virtual front office who is available 7/7 from 8 am to 8 pm.

Give your guests an easy and fast way to book is the key in driving your business forward!

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We work to a high-hospitality standard, and we are convinced that you will never have a second chance at first impression.

That is why we take time to know each villa and dig into its unique potential and showcase it to guests. When guests walk into the villa, our professional villa manager will make personal connections with the guests and be their main contact to solve every problem they may have during their stay.

We showcase your villa as an exhibition of arts, so our villa manager will patiently introduce every feature and precaution of the villa. At the end of the orientation, we will take care of the ID documentations as required by the government.

Our team will always be there, no matter the hours, to personally greet and assist the guests with their infectious friendliness in every step of their stay.

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Every months, our professional accounting team makes a complete report for you to follow your villa’s revenue and expenses.

At Bali Management Villas, we conduct several market research, competitor analysis, and pricing strategies for each villa to find the most competitive rate that generates the most returns.

Return on investment, occupancy rate, revenue and expenses... Our keyword is TRANSPARENCY ! We document each and every transaction, no matter the amount.