Transparency is the keyword we use to maintain trust with villa owner, as every step of our operation is documented and traceable. You can always require to see the details of every expense and we have all the receipts, documents, and photos to support every decision we have made. 




You will receive a detailed monthly report every month which records in detail, all the reservation made on your villa, revenue, expenses, occupancy, average daily rate, month / year to date statistics, etc.  In this reader friendly report, you would clearly see the performance of your villa and all justifiable operational expenses. 



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We believe communication with villa owner is our priority and we will never make any decision on your villa without your consent. Whether it is replacing the pool tower, repainting the wall, or renewing WiFi subscription, you have all the decision making power to choose whether to replace or repair it, and what brand/style/material/price would suit you. All the defects will be documented with pictures and options will be presented clearly for you to decide. 




You will be given a specific link to your property that you can check in real-time all the reservation details, including length of stay, name, rate, channel etc. so you can monitor your property even if you’re far away.