How do you market villa vacancy? 

  • We market the villas on all social medias

  • We have broad villa management networks in Bali with many partners.

  • Our Airbnb accounts are some of the best accounts in Bali

How do you know what to charge for my property? 

  • We regularly conduct professional market research to investigate the market trends and pricing.

  • We identify competitors of the property and will adjust our price accordingly.

  • We are experienced in setting the price according to seasonality, demands, and competition level.

How do I know how many bookings my villa makes?

  • As owner, you’ll have the exclusive access to your villa calendar, accessible on any device with real-time updates of your property.

  • You will also be notified of any new reservation, through your email.

How many channels are you gonna promote my properties on? 

We work with variety of channels that have different target markets to make sure the best exposure for your villa. Please see the following as a sample here.

Will my villa be on social media? 

We have social media specialists working professional to promote our villas on social media, your villa will receive the maximum social media exposures.