Our professionals will constantly maintain your properties to the highest standard and are available 7/7 to take care of your properties. From cleaning, gardening, electricity, and plumbing maintenance, you name it, we have it all for you.

Indeed, we want to ensure your villa is constantly maintained and serviced to the highest standard in order to provide your guests with the maximum level of comfort.

Our service includes daily monitoring, maintenance of swimming pools and gardens, housework, domestic repairs, activity booking, etc. Our team of operational professionals will be available 7/7 from 8 am to 8 pm to take care of your villa and assist your guests.

We take care of the villa as if it were our own, and we believe communication is the most important. Therefore, we communicate with you on every maintenance decision, with various repair/change options photo evidence, receipt to ensure the maximum transparency.


Housekeeping bali management villas

The maid is the face of the villa. We have a team of professionals, diligent and service-oriented maid. We believe a satisfied employee creates a satisfied customer, so we treat every one of our staffs with respect and care. We host several team building events throughout the year and everyone at the company is a member of one big family.

If your villa already has maids, we believe they would love to join our big company. We have a team of Balinese villa managers who are familiar with local culture and understood Balinese employee specific needs. We applied the SOP of the highest hospitality standards so that the villa might be properly and professionally cleaned and maintained.


owner communication bali management

We believe professional and efficient communication with the villa owner is the best way to achieve transparency. We assign a villa communication consultant to every villa that communicates to the owner in his / her preferential style.

You, as an owner, have your own personal villa concierge 24/7.

Whether you would like us to report on every little detail or only major purchasing decision, we will adjust to your liking. We communicate professionally with photo proof, screenshot, and video to real-time document and report on the status quo of your beloved villa.


Guest services villa bali

We are committed to creating a memorable experience for every guest. That is why we apply the highest service standards. With years of experience, we have a wide range of contact that could fulfill every need of the guests. Whether they’d like car rental, customized tour, or even a helicopter tour, it can be arranged with ease. Every guest will also be provided with a local mobile phone to contact the villa manager 24/7 if they have any request. We never say no to guests requests and always try our best to go beyond their expectations.