Will you take care of my pet? 

We will assign the tasks to individual villa’s villa attendants, and if there’s any special requirements, they should also be communicated to the villa attendants, so she/he will constantly update you with the status of your pet.

How do I make sure I paid fair price for maintenance?

  • All the maintenance work done to your property will have your permission first, with options provided in terms of different material and methods.

  • In the emergency situation where the owner cannot be immediately contacted, if the total repair value is below IDR 4,000,000, we will fix the issue first then present you with the official receipt.

  • All maintenance work expenses will be accompanied by the official receipt

How do you make sure to my villa will be well taken care of? 

  • We treat every single villa the same and will send villa report to the owner on the 15th of each month.

  • We conduct regular villa inspection to make sure each villa is in its prime condition.

Can you help me do maintenance to my property? 

Yes certainly, we have a team of professional maintenance workers that have years of experience in doing maintenance work on the property.

Who will pay for utilities of my property? 

The owner has the option to pay it on their own, or Bali Management Villas can gladly help them to pay it out of their own account.

How do i make sure the guest didn’t damage my property?

  • On many online platform, all owners are covered with a comprehensive insurance plan to make claiming insurance very easy for the owners.

  • We explain the house rules very clearly to the guests every time when they check in.

  • We have villa manager standby 24/7, to attend to any emergency matters happened in the villa.