At Bali Management Villas, we offer one stop full management service to villa owner. 


1.        RESERVATION 


A professional team of reservationist takes care of guest’s request, inquire about their specific needs and demands, and pre-arrange their requests with operational team for a start of the perfect holiday. They will, with their professional training, act as the representative of the villa to fulfill every demand. 


The team also takes care of numerous requests from all online and offline agent, using the most up-to-date reservation and booking software, to avoid any double-booking or mistakes, maximizing efficiency. 


You as a villa owner, will receive a special link to your property and get real-time update on any new reservation through email. You can sit back and relax, while we taking care of the communication with the guests. 

2.        CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT 


As with many private villas rentals, the biggest headache will be the undetermined guests’ check-in time. It might be 2 am in the morning, or unannounced arrival early in the morning. However, with our professional team of villa managers, this will no longer be a hassle. 

The team will pre-arrange check-in time with the guests, and wait for them no matter how late is it into the night, and always with a big smile on their face to settle them in to the villa. 

With years of experience, they’re also experts in complain solving and negotiation. They will be the one to communicate with guests who check-out late with professional attitudes to guarantee a satisfactory result. 

Every villa has its unique characteristics and different safety precautions, so our villa manager team will introduce the villa individually to the guests and showcase them as a piece of art. 



Another challenge in villa operation will be the constant need of maintenance in the villa. Whether is it repainting the wall, fixing broken chairs, dealing with electric shortage, or bathroom water problem, we have a professional maintenance team to take care of the matter professionally and efficiently. 


You will be consulted and informed of any maintenance work taking place in the villa. We have a team of experts villa inspectors that determine the severity of the problem and whether it would impact guests experience. They will choose a time in the low season to block certain dates to fix problems that are insignificant, or communicate with the guests to settle them in one of our other villas if the problem is significant and urgent. All is done to guarantee the maximum occupancy and guest satisfactions. 


With years of experience in the industry, we have reliable partners and contacts for villa supplies, so you will always get supplies with best performance/price ratio on the market and have the decision making power to choose which material/brand to repair or replace the broken parts.