What are the common mistakes villa owner makes? 

When choosing a management company for your villa, it’s important to check certain attributes that make the company great.

  • Years of Experience

  • Track Record

  • Company organisation

What does Bali Management Villas do?

  1. Bali Management Villas is a professional property & hospitality management and marketing company that has been in the vacation rental market in Bali for a long time with proven track record of considerable returns for the owner.

  2. Bali Management Villas focuses on providing the top-notch property management service to individual owner as well as other property companies.

  3. Bali Management Villas’ motto is to provide the best personalized services in the most professional manner.

Why should I choose Bali Management Villas instead of others? 

  1. We have many years of experience in the Bali market

  2. We consistently analyse the market trends and customer demands.

  3. We have teams of professional taking care of guests, maintaining properties, analyzing market, and connecting with property owners.

What type of rental properties do you manage? 

  1. We manage variety of villas of varying degree of quality from simple vacation home to ultra-luxury mansions in Bali.

  2. We provide hotel management service to properties such as resort, hotel, boutique hotel, or villa complex.