Bali Management Villas is a villa and property management company, experts in short-term vacation rental in Bali, Indonesia.

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With more than 10 years experience in Bali villa market, we provide a whole villa management service to property owners. From our years of operations in Bali, we have built positive relationships with the major players in the industries. These connections enable us to generate a proven track record of considerable revenue. We have a reputation for providing some of the best villa maintenance, customer services, and applying the highest industry standards in terms of villa services.

We directly manage over 250 villa properties in Bali and Gili Islands, employing more than 200 highly trained employees. Our team composes of experts in hospitality, real estate, tourism, marketing and many more, who have been working with us for a long time and accrued expertise in Bali Villa markets. To everyone that works at Bali Management Villas, we treat every villa as an individual entity with its uniqueness that requires a different approach. Our team would go into every detail, which means opening closets, moving couches, and opening carpets, for inspections to ensure all the properties are well maintained.

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At Bali Management Villas, we deliver personalized and customized hospitality that gives customers the maximum degree of liberty in all prime locations of the city with French standards of care and quality. We aim to prevent and solve all the problems efficiently and professionally for owners, making it a hassle-free experience. At the same time, we provide top-notch hospitality service to all villa guests, making their experiences memorable and unique.

With proven track record and accrued skills, we now also manage 4 resorts in Gili Islands and Nusa Ceningan. At the same time, we also manage 2 boats cruising through Komodo and Raja Ampat, creating a once in a lifetime experiences for guests worldwide.

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